The aim of Green Salon

Foto: Uppercut Pure

First and foremost: Ban harmful chemicals and ban the worst first!

Green Salon aims at a ban on harmful chemicals in cosmetics by

  • pointing out the worst chemicals among the most abundant chemicals
  • banning these chemicals in the Green Salons
  • using safe or safer alternatives in the Green Salons and
  • recommending these alternatives to other salons.

There is no ultimate definition of safe or unsafe cosmetics or Green cosmetics.

Thus, Green Salon has pointed out a number of chemicals, which we consider to be the most dangerous to hair dressers, their customers or the environment.

The chemicals banned in Green salon are:

  • harmful and widely used in cosmetics
  • extremely harmful (endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic and extremely allergenic chemicals) or
  • chemicals under suspicion of these effects

Unfortunately, these chemicals are allowed in the EU, but in Green Salon we have aggreed on banning them, and that is why you can trust a Green Salon to perform the safest kind of hair dressing.
The List of Green Salons Banned Chemicals is part of our 10 obligatory criterias.

The lists of products recommended and banned in Green Salon may help you identify specific products.

Green Salon is a non-profit NGO and doesn’t sell or produce any cosmetic products.