For companies

The purpose of the Green Salon logo is to guarantee the public that specific salons are  certified Green Salons and that these salons meet the Green Salon’s criteria. Hereby, allergic customers are assured that the worst substances in the hairdressing profession are never used in the salon in question.

This guarantee is based on the products living up to the Green Salon’s List of Banned Chemicals and the annual inspection of the salon by the Green Salon organization.

With almost 20 years of work, Green Salon has achieved to be known by 80% of all hairdressers in Scandinavia.

Therefore, some manufacturers find it attractive to use the Green Salon logo in their marketing efforts. The company may obtain permission to use the Green Salon logo on products, websites and in marketing material by agreement with Green Salon, which presupposes that

  • The products in question can be included on the Green Salon’s Positive List or Observation List
  • Green Salon logo is not used in connection with products that cannot be approved for Green Salon,
  • Marketing material with the Green Salon logo has been approved by Green Salon before use.

The written agreement will specify the products in question, their list of ingredients, time limit and the geographical area of the agreement.

As a starting point, the price is DKK 12,000 per year for 10 products in one country and DKK 20,000 per year for 10 products in five countries.

Evaluation of products

If a manufacturer or a supplier wants products assessed as to whether their products meet the Green Salon’s requirements, they can submit INCI to Green Salon.

If a company wants products included on the Positive List or Observation List, it must submit the products’ INCI to Green Salon. Green Salon will evaluate these products and submit its comments. No products that the company itself has submitted for assessment will be included in the lists without agreement with the company itself. Assessment and commentary are free, non-binding and confidential.

This can also happen in connection with the development of new products. The assessment is free, non-binding and confidential.

Green Salon offers this service to help manufacturers and suppliers launch and market products that are as harmless to humans and the environment as possible.

Individual hairdressers and the general public are welcome to submit INCI for Green Salon evaluation. Normally, these products will be included in the lists of Green Salon.