Green Salon Fund

The purpose of the Salon Fund is to

  • promote awareness about Green Salon and Green Clinic
  • reduce the chemical load in the hairdressing and cosmetology profession
  • convey that you can run a professional salon and clinic and be conscious about health and the environment.

Certified Green Salons and Green Clinics´ owners can apply for grants for events that meet all of these purposes. The Green Salon logo must appear on any written material. The application must contain a description of the initiative in relation to the purpose of the Green Salon and Green Clinic, period, participants, target group, budget and amount applied for. It must also be stated how the Green Salon or Green Clinic is made visible. Application must be submitted to the secretariat.

Initiatives supported by the Green Salons Foundation for Green Salons

2021 Advertising, Vejle

2020 Advertisements in Frisørmesterforeningen’s magazine

2020 Annonce, Viborg

2020 Advertisement in advertisement booklet, Viborg

2019 Market participation, T-shirts, Nyborg

2019 Photobook, Thorshavn