All products registered in the Green Salon’s lists are controlled based on the individual chemicals. The products or the ingredients lists (INCI) may be posted or mailed to us by hair dressers wanting to check up on their products. Sometimes they contact us because they find the appraisals of the sales representatives dubious. Sometimes we are contacted by producers or agents, who want to know if their products qualify for the Positive List or because they want to develop green products. We usually only assess products based on the ingredients list. As we do not know the concentrations and as we intend to avoid harmful effects from mixing problematic chemicals, we never take concentrations into consideration.

Green Salon does not produce or sell cosmetic products.

Evaluation of chemicals
Green Salon evaluates the single chemicals for harmful effects on health or environment. We focus on avoiding chemicals that are

  • allergenic or irritating
  • toxic
  • carcinogenic (proven or under suspicion of being this)
  • endocrine disruptors (proven or under suspicion of being this)
  • teratogenic (proven or under suspicion of being this)
  • very harmful to the environment.

Memos from EU’s scientific committee, SCCS
Cosmetic Ingredients Review, USA
Botanical Dermatology Database

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Use of The Green Salon logo on products registered in the Positive List or the List of Accepted Products: Please contact Green Salons office.