Green Clinic

Cosmeticians have a work environment that resemble the hairdressers’ work environment, which is why many cosmeticians have requested Green Salon to make an initiative that:

  1. Help cosmeticians with products with less problematic chemicals, less energy consumption, and less environmental strain.
  2. Ensure the customers that the Green Clinic follows Green Salon’s criteria

At the moment there are 3 certified Green Clinics.
Beauty Avenue in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, Go Gang Klinik for Fodterapi in Copenhagen and Mynthe in copenhagen.

Green Clinic’s programme comprises a number of obligatory requirements that must be met from day 1 along with improvements concerning environment and health.

Green Clinic’s complete criteria can be seen here


In order to become a certified Green Clinic, the daily leader must participate in Green Clinic’s theoretical course. The course is held with Green Salon’s theoretical course at the moment, but with an additional section focusing on conditions for cosmeticians.

The course addresses health conditions, health precautions, legislation, chemical substances and environmental labelling related to cosmetics.

After the course you will have an understanding of the health risks within the trade, as well as being able to actively participate in improving the working environment and selecting products with less health and environmental impact. The course also provides good and concrete advice on environmental and energy issues in cosmetic clinics.

    • EU’s law on cosmetic
    • Health, allergy etc. within the cosmetic and hairdressing trade
    • Problematic chemicals in cosmetics, especially related to Green Salon’s criteria
    • The use of Green Salon’s list
    • How you can identify products with problematic chemical
    • Environmental and energy savings

The course finishes off with a test and there is handed out a course diploma for participation.

Duration: 1 day
Place: after agreement
Number of participants: 5 or more

1700 DKK + VAT Course
850 DKK If the owner/daily leader previously has participated

If you wish the course to be held in your clinic, the total price is 7000kr, possibly plus transport depending on the location.


Queries about the next course:

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