How to become a Certified Green Salon

Foto: Uppercut Pure

Green Salon’s aim is to draw special attention to salons that put systematic effort to:

  • Ensure customers against problematic chemicals in cosmetics
  • Improve the work environment for hairdressers
  • Reduce chemical stress
  • Avoid unnecessary environmental impact and energy consumption

3 easy steps to become a Green Salon

By following these three steps you are closer to becoming a Green Salon.

  1. Green Salon has set ten criteria, that specifically concern the chemicals in the salon and how they are used. Green Salon’s criteria can be read here. Please also read the folder about Green Salon.
  2. Sign up and participate in Green Salon’s theoretical course.
  3. Contact Green Salon and request an environmental review. We will help you choose an area to focus on and work out the action plan for the coming year.


What does Green Salon expect?

The day your salon becomes a certified Green Salon, it must, as a bare minimum, comply with Green Salon’s 10 criteria.

The most demanding part is to forego many products, especially the oxidative colours, because this is to secure you and your employees a better work environment. This is precisely why customers choose a Green Salon.

Energy consumption and energy savings

Green Salon is more than just about chemistry. An energy check follows along with the certification which will give ideas as to how energy can be saved. Experience shows that many of the suggestions can be implemented immediately, and other suggestions are more about changing habits. The guidance also includes ideas and discussions on the possibility for other environmental actions.

Once you have participated in the course, one of Green Salon’s inspectors will come by to follow up whether everything is in accordance to the rules. Your salon will be checked, and if it meets Green Salon’s 10 criteria, the salon will receive a certificate and the year’s Green Salon sticker. There is a possibility to arrange a local diploma service in cooperation with one of Green Salon’s representative.

Yearly status

A yearly follow-up visit is conducted by one of Green Salon’s inspectors, who will examine your products and check up on energy and environmental approaches in your salon.

It is important that co-workers, as a bare minimum, know Green Salon’s criteria and know what it means to be a certified Green Salon.


3000 DKK ex. VAT Certification of the salon with consultation on energy savings
1700 DKK ex. VAT Green Salon’s course
850 DKK Green Salon’s course for employees and students, if the owner/daily leader has participated in Green Salon’s course