Approval of products for Green Salon

The Positive List comprises of products that are recommended by Green Salon and may be used in a Green Salon. For a product to be registered on the positive list, it must not include chemicals that are listed on Green Salon’s List of Banned Chemicals, see below. Green Salon’s List of Banned Chemicals is a list of chemicals that are particularly harmful for our health and/or problematic for the environment. Unfortunately, these chemicals are allowed within cosmetics in the EU. Green Salon strives to focus on these problematic chemicals and aims to replace them with less problematic chemicals.

How are products registered on Green Salon’s lists?
Everyone is welcome to send products for an assessment, see Contact. All we need is the name of the product and the full ingredients list.

We are happy to help suppliers and producers with an assessment of the ingredients. The assessment is free of charge and confidential. Products are registered for free and only in agreement.

Products on the Negative Products List include at least one chemical that is listed on Green Salon’s List of Banned Chemicals, and must therefore never be used or sold in a Green Salon.

The List of Banned Chemicals also comprises of chemicals that are carcinogenic, hormone disruptive or teratogenic or that EU’s scientific committee assesses as extremely or strongly sensitizing.