Green Salon Theoretical Course Monday November 2’nd 2020, 9 am. to 4 pm.

Next Theoretical Course is Monday November 2’nd 2020, 9 am. to 4 pm.

Place: Salon Snickars, Langebrogade 6V, 1411 København K

Course description
The course introduces you to the idea of Green Salon and Green Clinic and addresses:

  • EU’s law on cosmetic
  • Health, allergy etc. within the cosmetic and hairdressing trade
  • Problematic chemicals in cosmetics, especially related to Green Salon’s criteria
  • The use of Green Salon’s list
  • How you can identify products with problematic chemical
  • Environmental and energy savings

The course is compulsory for leaders of Green Salons and must be passed before certification of the salon.

The course finishes off with a test and you recieve a course diploma for participation.

Number of participants: max. 7 

Price: 1700 DKK + VAT.

Application for participation: before 15th October 2020. Please contact Birgit Lieberkind at, tlph +45 3698 6851.