See requirements for Green Salon here

1. The daily manager has knowledge of chemistry and health 

The salon manager has participated in the Green Salon course in chemistry, occupational safety, and health in hairdressing.

2. The salons’ owner and staff has obtained a nationally recognized hairdresser training

Apprentices must be engaged in recognized education programme.

3. No harmful substances from the Green Salon List of Banned Chemicals

The owner, employees and apprentices are not allowed to use products containing these substances in the salon.

Products for resale, makeup and dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes may not contain substances from the Green Salon List of Banned Chemicals. Products with substances on the Green Salon List of Banned Chemicals, must be phased out before the salon can become a certified Green Salon.

4. The Salon is particularly attentive to allergy and hypersensitivity

Before a treatment the client is asked if he/she is allergic to certain substances.

By allergic reactions the customers are advised to contact their doctor.

5. Bleaching of hair may not come into contact with the scalp

6. All cleaning is done using eco labeled cleaners

 7. If the salon offers refreshments to customers, these must be organically produced 

8. Every second year the owner must participate in a Green Salon Brush-up Course

9. The owner must instruct staff in the importance of the Green Salon as described in the Green Salon handout (see

10. Electricity should be purchased as certified green electricity from windmills etc.